In the sprawling, shadow-cast lands of Azeroth, where the echoes of war and whispers of the old gods still linger, there exists a guild known as Echelon. Under the bleak skies of the Undercity, Vaylen, the Undead Shadow Priest and esteemed leader of Echelon, called upon his guild for an assembly that was to mark the beginning of an era, the likes of which had never been seen.

As the guild members gathered, the air was thick with anticipation and the sweet scent of dark magic. Among them stood Sapporo, a male Blood Elf Paladin with a noble aura and a heart fierce with the flames of justice. His inquiry into the rank of The Beetus had led him down a path that would intertwine his destiny with that of Echelon in ways unimaginable.

“The Beetus,” Vaylen began, his voice echoing through the halls with an otherworldly resonance, “is not merely a rank but a testament to the unfathomable power and respect commanded by those who walk in the shadows of Lord Koringar, The Heavy.” As he spoke, Diabeetus, the enigmatic general of Lord Koringar, stood silent, his presence alone enough to stir a mix of reverence and fear among the ranks.

Glittersong, the vibrant Blood Elf Mage, whose spells could weave the very fabric of reality, exchanged glances with Sapporo. Her affirmation of the path they had chosen, devoid of hosebags, was a beacon of light in the dark corridors of their journey. “Absolutely,” she whispered, the power of her magic subtly illuminating the room.

Enter Blabbermouth, the Goblin Hunter, whose tales and secrets were as unpredictable as her aim. Her words, though cryptic, had opened the door to understanding the true essence of The Beetus. “He just is,” she had said, a statement that resonated within the hearts of those present, for it spoke of a truth far greater than any could comprehend.

Among the assembly was Olahu, the stoic Highmountain Tauren Hunter, whose loyalty to Echelon was as unyielding as the mountains of his home. His silent nod was a testament to the unspoken bonds that held the guild together.

And then there was Kitsunemaho, the Troll Warlock, whose mastery over the dark arts was matched only by her unwavering devotion to the guild. Her chuckle, laced with a hint of mischief, added an air of levity to the gathering.

Together, they stood, a motley crew bound by a common cause. Echelon was not just a guild; it was a family. A family that embraced the horror and darkness, not with fear, but with a love that illuminated even the darkest of paths.

As the meeting concluded, Vaylen’s final words echoed in their minds, “Echelon shall rise, not on the backs of the fallen, but on the wings of unity and strength. For in our diversity, we find our power, and in our horror, we find our love.”

The journey ahead was fraught with danger, mystery, and the promise of adventure. Yet, with the bonds of Echelon stronger than ever, there was no challenge too great, no enemy too powerful. For in the heart of darkness, they had found their light, and together, they would forge a legacy that would echo through the ages.

Echelon, a guild of horror and humor, of power and protection, embarked on their quest, their laughter and spells a beacon of hope in a world that needed it most. And as the shadows danced around them, they knew no fear, for they were Echelon, and they were unbreakable.

Order of the Rose

Alliance guild on Mannoroth – US – Retail

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In the face of Azeroth’s darkest trials, our guild embarks on epic adventures to strengthen our bonds and reaffirm our commitment to the Light. Through unwavering fellowship and courage, we quest as one to safeguard the innocent and vanquish evil. Join us, brave adventurers, as we forge an enduring legacy under the banner of the Rose. Together, we shall emerge victorious, a beacon of hope amidst the shadows. For the Order!