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Avengers Spotlight

Dive into the heart of the “Avengers of Teldrassil” guild through our member spotlight series. Discover the legends, adventures, and personal anecdotes of our valiant guildmates, capturing the essence and camaraderie of our Azerothian family.

Order of the Rose

Alliance guild on Mannoroth – US – Retail

Join The Order of the Rose
on an Epic Adventure!

In the face of Azeroth’s darkest trials, our guild embarks on epic adventures to strengthen our bonds and reaffirm our commitment to the Light. Through unwavering fellowship and courage, we quest as one to safeguard the innocent and vanquish evil. Join us, brave adventurers, as we forge an enduring legacy under the banner of the Rose. Together, we shall emerge victorious, a beacon of hope amidst the shadows. For the Order!

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