Heroic Beginnings

🌳 Toon Name-Server: Paigemat-Greymane

🌳 Race and Class: Human Shadow Priest

🌳 How were you introduced to WoW?: My husband (Trekkar) made me a WoW widow during Vanilla.

🌳 Share the legend of your first WoW toon: When I became unemployed before becoming a new mom of twins, I decided to log in and see what all the fuss was. Initially, I didn’t enjoy it and quit. However, I started again after the twins were born. Over time, I figured out the game and fell in love, eventually making my husband a WoW widow.

Adventures & Achievements

🌳 Current Adventure (Zone/Expansion): Dragonflight

🌳 Favorite In-Game Title and Saga: Crazy Cat Lady – This title reflects my real-life love for cats, the only aspect of reality that I incorporate into the game.

🌳 Most Cherished Zone in Azeroth: Grizzly Hills

🌳 Current Epic Moment: I don’t have any recent epic moments or favorite screenshots as I don’t often take screenshots.

Personal Chronicles & Camaraderie

🌳 How did you heed the call of the Avengers of Teldrassil?: Kirrin and Anala introduced me to the guild.

🌳 Your vision for our guild’s future: My hope is for our guild to continue having fun and participating in enjoyable activities together.

🌳 Proudest Moment as an Avenger: Yet to be determined.

🌳 Theme Song for Your Character: “I’m sexy and I know it.”

🌳 An Avenger of Teldrassil is Always… Slightly late, a little inebriated, and always full of dad jokes.

  • Mortal Name in the Realms Beyond (First Name): Allison
  • Hobbies Outside Azeroth: Scrapbooking, tie-dye shirts, sublimation, resin cups, paint pours, diamond art, and crocheting.
  • Realm of Residence in the Physical World: Near Gulf Shores, AL
  • Favorite Feast Outside Azeroth: Anything pasta and bread-related and CHOCOLATE!
  • Voice to Narrate Your Life’s Tale: Jennifer Garner
  • Trusty Beast Companions (pets): Luna and Rally
Order of the Rose

Alliance guild on Mannoroth – US – Retail

Join The Order of the Rose
on an Epic Adventure!

In the face of Azeroth’s darkest trials, our guild embarks on epic adventures to strengthen our bonds and reaffirm our commitment to the Light. Through unwavering fellowship and courage, we quest as one to safeguard the innocent and vanquish evil. Join us, brave adventurers, as we forge an enduring legacy under the banner of the Rose. Together, we shall emerge victorious, a beacon of hope amidst the shadows. For the Order!