Potrait submission from Ebonflow

Heroic Beginnings

🌳 Toon Name-Server: Ebonflow-Tanaris

🌳 Race and Class: Human Frost Deathknight

🌳 How were you introduced to WoW?: Through a commercial featuring Mr T’s Nightelf Mohawk and Ozzy’s Undead Warlock.

🌳 Share the legend of your first WoW toon: Ebonflow, originally a human rogue, transformed into a Deathknight. His journey through time shenanigans leads him to seek redemption for his past sins.

Adventures & Achievements

🌳 Current Adventure (Zone/Expansion): Dragonflight, searching for Iridikron.

🌳 Favorite In-Game Title and Saga: Protector of the Weald. Ebonflow’s internal struggle in the Shadowlands and his choice to aid souls, and his efforts to bring peace to Sindragosa and Malygos in Dragonflight.

🌳 Most Cherished Zone in Azeroth: Elwynn, a place called home.

🌳 Theme Song for Your Character: Right Now – Fire from the Gods

🌳 If your character had a mount pet, what would it be named?: Unnamed, as their bond transcends words and life.

Potrait submission from Ebonflow

Personal Chronicles & Camaraderie

🌳 Your character’s secret backstory: Dreinoc, a rogue turned Deathknight, uses his undeath to confront and reconcile with his past.

🌳 How did you heed the call of the Avengers of Teldrassil?: Responded to Myrwen’s call to support comrades in the battle against Fyrakk.

🌳 An Avenger of Teldrassil is Always… Improving and striving for greatness.

  • Mortal Name in the Realms Beyond (First Name): Daniel
  • Hobbies Outside Azeroth: Raising 7 souls
  • Realm of Residence in the Physical World: Kentucky
  • Favorite Feast Outside Azeroth: Chicken Parmesan
  • Champion in Life’s Arena (Actor to Play You) Idris Elba
  • Voice to Narrate Your Life’s Tale: Aiden Gillen